Our health policies following the coronavirus outbreak
We have taken the outbreak of Covid-19 very seriously at MOZZ.
For your comfort and considerations please understand the following things:

• Our facilities are sanitized frequently and thoroughly.
• There are glass shields placed throughout the restaurant for our guests protection.
• We have reduced our total seating capacity by 50%.
• We are now using a reservation system to manage traffic more efficiently (link at the top of page).
• Sanitizer is available in several locations throughout the restaurant.
• Masks are available and required to all guests.
• Directive signage has been placed to promote social distancing.

• Our staff has been well trained on safety and procedures regarding cleanliness and sanitation.
• Our staff is required to wear a mask.
• Our staff will be wearing gloves whenever necessary as per health code orders.
• Our staff will do their best to maintain a distance of 6 feet from other employees and guests.
• Our staff is committed to these practices in their personal lives in order to better protect our guests.

• Our guests are required to wear masks when not seated at their table.
• Our guests are asked to practice social distancing as best as they can inside the restaurant.
• Our guests are required to make a reservation, either online at the link above, by calling or in person.
• Takeout is still our preferred method in order to minimize person to person contact.
• Parties larger than 6 people must call to make a reservation.
• We always strive to be kind and gracious hosts. In turn, please be friendly and respectful guests.
• We reserve the right to refuse service to any person, for any reason.
• MOZZ is a safe place for everyone.
• We are all suffering from Covid together. Please let us all be respectful of one another.
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