The oven was built meticulously.
The location was chosen intentionally.
The story was built gradually.
Owners Erin and Jared met half a decade ago while working together in the restaurant industry. First they formed a friendship, then a business partnership, and then finally a marriage.

After years of opening restaurants for others, they finally thought, "Hey, why don’t we do this ourselves?”

They started construction on their hand-crafted wood-fired oven – all 22,222 tiles of it – and opened their doors in March 2019.

And that's when the story really begins.

MOZZ is a unique spot on Provo’s business landscape. Combining the vintage charm of Provo’s downtown area with the absolute professionalism of its owners, MOZZ is a place where anyone can feel comfortable.

The menu showcases a range of offerings, from humanely prepared meats to locally sourced vegetables and seasonings.  

Meat lovers and vegetarians will both find something to suit their tastes, and cookie lovers need look no further than the fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies made from scratch every day.

MOZZ’s team consists of owners Erin and Jared and Executive Chef Brett Ramuno. It also couldn’t exist without the many friends, family and neighbors, along with the amazing staff, who have made it feel like a home.
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