Our Story

Owners Erin and Jared met in 2015 while both working in the restaurant industry. They quickly fell in love, moved in together, decided to get married and then form a business partnership. After years of working in restaurants for other people, they thought, "Hey, why don't we do this for ourselves?" They convinced their buddy Brett to come join the team and in the fall of 2018 MOZZ was created on paper. Shortly thereafter, they started construction on their hand-crafted wood-fired oven – all 22,222 tiles of it – and opened their doors in Downtown Provo, March 13, 2019.

And that's when the MOZZ story really begins.

MOZZ is a unique dining experience on Provo's business landscape. Combining the vintage charm of Provo's downtown area with the absolute professionalism of its owners, MOZZ is a place where anyone can feel comfortable. The menu showcases a range of offerings, from locally sourced meats, vegetables, cheeses and sodas to hand made mozzarella and ricotta. In fact MOZZ was named after mozzarella, which they proudly make in house, daily using milk and curds from Gold Creek Farms in Kamas, UT. Their dough is naturally leavened using an 18 year old culture and cold fermented for 72 hours in order to develop the best possible flavor.

Meat lovers, vegetarians, vegans and gluten free dieters alike will  find something to suit their tastes. Cookie lovers need look no further than the fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies made from scratch every day.

MOZZ's team consists of owners Erin and Jared and Executive Chef Brett. It also couldn't exist without the many friends, family and neighbors, along with the amazing staff, who have made it feel like a home from day one.

In 2022, MOZZ was invited to join the new and exciting Woodbine Foodhall project in the Granary neighborhood of Salt Lake City. The food hall consists of 9 food vendors and a bar with food varieties ranging from Deadpan Sandwich, which features eclectic worldwide flavors on bread, to tacos to ramen... you name it. This new location is hopefully just one of many more to come, so stay tuned! 

Feel emboldened to come in, meet the staff and watch your pizzas come to life in our beautiful, artisan oven.