What to expect from MOZZ for a catering event.

Professionalism. Our staff is trained to perform at the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction. While we tend to be casual in nature, we are highly determined to treat you and all your guests with the utmost respect and courtesy on your special day.

Highest quality ingredients available. Did you know that 80-90% of our menu utilizes ingredients that come from Utah farmers and artisans? This is something that is very important to us for 2 reasons. One, we feel these hard working Utah people need our financial support to help them stay in business and two, the freshness and quality shines through all the way to the finished product. This high quality has helped us to be the best reviewed restaurant in the state in 2018. So yes, our prices may be a bit higher, but I guarantee no one else gives this attention to detail like we do.

Easy negotiations without 'nickel and dime-ing.' We don't bother with lengthy contracts and hidden fees. What we agree on is what you get, sealed with a good old fashioned handshake or smiley emoji if thats more your style. We know these big days can be stressful so we aim to eliminate your food concerns. We just ask for 50% down to reserve your date.

Flexible planning, menu changes or other catastrophe avoidance. We plan for the worst and hope for the best. There is no Utah weather condition that we won't work around (except severe conditions, especially high winds). We are completely self sufficient and as long as there is room for our trailer to setup, (2 parking spaces or approximately 10' x 30') we can get the job done. If you need to change your menu, add guests or cancel completely, we are amenable to these changes as long as we have 1 weeks notice prior to the event. If we have already purchased your ingredients, we will return the entirety of your deposit minus the cost of the food we purchased (usually about 30% of total invoice).

Inclusiveness. We bring everything so you don't have to. Plates, utensils, napkins, cups, tablecloth, etc. Just make sure to let us know how comprehensive you want everything to be.

Service style. If you are feeding over 50 people per hour, we can only offer 'banquet-style' feeding. This consists of an all-you-can-eat style food line where we will keep putting food out until the agreed upon time or until everyone has satisfactory eaten. We recommend adding to this service style with other foods like salads, appetizers and desserts. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can also be arranged. However, even if you just want pizzas, we can make it happen. Realistically, we can feed 60 to 100 people per hour. So, if your event is hosting 200 people for example, we'd need at least a 2-3 hour window to get it done. This is because we make every pizza fresh, on-site, and the throughput of the pizza oven is limited by its very nature. BUT enjoy knowing that no pizza is coming to your event pre-cooked or anything less than made onsite as a cost-saving-measure like other caterers may elect to do. If your event is less than 50 people per hour and you are wanting to have more of a food truck style event where people place orders and get their pizzas individually, we can do that too. 50 people per hour is the reasonable maximum. So if you are wanting 100 people to eat food truck style, we'd need 2 hours, for example.

Menu. Our menu consists of items we sell in the restaurant and a few other options. The banquet-style menu is 4 pizza selections, 2 salad selections, taproot soda and cookies. In addition to this, you may add for a charge, bruschetta and/or charcuterie. Special requests may be discussed but are not guaranteed.

Budgeting. We have found the easiest way to build a budget is on a Per-Person basis. The menu above (pizza, salad, soda, cookies) is $40/person. Adding bruschetta is $2.50/person. Adding charcuterie $10/person. There is also tax and gratuity included in the bill, of which the latter goes entirely to the staff that made your day great. Trust me, they work so very hard!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Do you have a minimum price guarantee? 

A: Yes, $2500 plus tax/gratuity.


Q: Do you have a maximum guest count? 

A: We do not have a set maximum, but we prefer not to serve over 150 people at one time due to the nature of our wood fire oven and its limits. We will mostly turn down events over 150 guests unless the menu is supplemented with other items like salads, finger foods and desserts.


Q: Do you cater all year long? 

A: No, due to the outdoor nature of our business, we do not offer catering services from October 15th to April 15th.


Q: What is your service charge for gratuity? 

A: 20%


Q: Do you travel outside Utah and SL Counties? 

A: Yes, however there is a fee based on how far. Please inquire for specific locations. Destination events (like Moab, Bear Lake, St. George, Lake Powell, etc) will require a lodging and gas fee. Minimum guarantee sale for outside of Utah/SL counties is $4500.